If you prefer the one-on-one attention of private coaching this can also be provided by appointment. Private coaching creates a very specific workout prescription to meet your specific health and fitness goals.  The attention is solely on you and your Coach is there to motivate you both inside and out of the gym. Private coaching can include 1 or 2 athletes per Coach.

If you are a competitive athlete that requires a more specific training regimen, private coaching is an option in order to focus more so on the individual sport or event you may be training for.

If you are a competitive CrossFitter, private coaching is extremely important. With so many movements and so much volume involved in CrossFit competition, it is crucial that we have the most efficient technique in the Olympic lifts as well as the ability to perform the higher skill gymnastics movements. The biggest difference between Regional/Games Level CrossFit athletes and everyone else is the knowledge and ability required to perform these highly technical movements efficiently and consistently. Your Coach will teach you this knowledge and teach you how to use that knowledge to perfect your skills.

If you choose to do Private Coaching, you only pay for the coaching, not a membership unless you wish to attend Group WOD’s on top of your Private Coaching. Private Coaching is discounted for individuals with a membership.


1 Session

  • w/ Membership

5 Sessions

  • $75/session

10 Sessions

  • $65/session


1 Session

  • No Membership

4 Sessions

$3521x/ Week
  • $88/session

8 Sessions

$6402x/ Week
  • $80/session

12 Sessions

$8643x/ Week
  • $72/session

16 Sessions

$10244x/ Week
  • $64/session